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Get Cybersecurity Help For Your Business Right Now

  • Join now and speak with a cybersecurity specialist in as little as four hours
  • Save thousands of dollars over hiring a cybersecurity specialist directly
  • Get help protecting and growing your business
  • Work with experienced cybersecurity specialist in your local area
Our Offer

As first responders in cyber security, we assist you when you are confronted with a cyber-crisis and link you with the right specialists for your situation.

Emergen-cy brings cyber security expertise to businesses of all sizes. Since we are vendor and partner agnostic, we will connect you with the right person to find the right resolution, keeping your needs in mind.

Our Promise

Our human approach to cybersecurity emergencies offers a rapid, trusted and organized assistance to complex and difficult situations. Our commitment is to provide an industry leading customer experience and minimize the impact on your business.

Why Us?

We are a group of Cyber experts with combined experience of over 150+ years in cyber security, primarily spent in the corporate world. We believe it is time for businesses of all sizes to have access to this expertise, preventing them from cyber and financial crises. Our role is to be present and guide you every step of the way.

Support Call
The one contact you need when cyber threats become reality.
With our human approach, we strive to offer a service that will minimize the impact of a cybersecurity crisis accessible to organizations of all sizes. We believe in a world where there is an accessible solution to every cybersecurity crisis.