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Modern Workers

Don't wait for a cyber attack to happen, be proactive and protect yourself now!

Description of our services

Our Rates Explained

All you need to know about our rates. No surprises.

Agnostic Triage

Our experts asses your situation, collect information to identify the  required expertise required to get you back to your business

Monthly Newsletter

Access to our Monthly update on everything Cyber in your region

Support Resources

Access to our network of verified worldwide specialized partners

Technical Team Hotline

General security inquiries, not related to a cyber emergency

Employee Assistance

All your employees have access to the hotline for validations or questions, pricing is per employee

Email & SMS detection

Unsure about an email, text, file? Send it to us, we'll let you know if it's safe!

Custom IRT access

Access to our network of Incident Response Partners with major security vendors


We will answer you 24/7

Service Level Agreement

We answer, diagnose and refer you to the right specialist in less than 15 minutes

Hours of Triage

Per hour triage service at the client rate

White Glove Service

You don't have IT on staff, we'll interface with our partners on your behalf and you can focus on your business

Media Management

All the assistance you need for disclosure of security breach. Who, how, when, why, etc.

Educational Services

As a client, you get preferential rates for our employee training

Using Mobile Phone

Contact us today

If you have any questions regarding our services, would like to setup a training, want a demonstration or if you are currently requiring assistance with your cyber security.

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